Apr 22


First appeared in the French children’s book Histoire de Babar by Jean de Brunhoff in 1931.

One of my favourite books as a child. Babar just reminded me so of my own father – who used to wear (and I think still does) a green tweed suit which just always reminded me of Babar. 

Babar is a childhood favourite, a literary genius and a style icon – god I am jealous..

Apr 18

Black and white 

Apr 18

Interiors innit….

I am very sorry to everyone that I have been away for a while - but I have taken some time out and been at home.  So in honour of that see pictures of what I wish my home to look like..ahhhh one can dream.

Feb 9

Never Quit Bugging me.

I haven’t been feeling myself lately – I’m sick – sick with what I like to call the Jake Bugg.  Trouble Town – what can I say – Jake you can save me from that town of trouble any day.


As of late – I have developed a somewhat love/hate relationship with the music if today –  ie I hate Ed Sheeran but love Jake Bugg.  His folkey upbeat instrumental sounds and somewhat melancholy tunes make you feel like you are back in the 70s.  Listening to his music makes me think that is what people in the 60s and 70s must of felt like when listening to Bob Dylan.   Classic, folk with just a hint of neurosis – perfect.



Jan 5

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