Jun 12 -

A little bit street…..

I think we all expect to talk endless giberish about Banksy when it comes to graffiti artists.  I happen to have the answer to your street art prayers - in the form of Miranda Donovan.  Not only is her work innovative, dare I say it but ‘cool’ she is also the hottest thing on the street - I am speaking in the non- prostitute sense of course!

I used to only think graffiti existed on the walls of underground tube lines - maybe the occasional ‘tag’ on a tower block in Bolton but each city has created its own character through the work of graffiti artists - so much so in fact that these guys have now got exhibitions and selling pieces for thousands.  Someone once said to me that graffiti artists  go ‘bombing’ in town - which means they go to town in their town writing on walls and pretty  much anything they can find.

Miranda Donovan is an exception to the rule though.  She has managed to create pieces which are not only timeless, but that also have that cutting edge edge.  She is about to break street art boundaries- so keep an eye out…

(Source: mirandadonovan.com)